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Contract Value: 3,914,398 US$

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With the diversified types of contracts on hand, the company provides specialty services at Beirut, Bahrain, Fujairah and Sharjah International airports

Our services:
Field maintenance covers outdoor facility maintenance in order to provide safe aircraft movement surfaces on the Air Operations Area. It includes maintaining runways, taxiways and interlines including Foreign Object Control and De-Rubberizing. It also includes maintenance to infrastructure systems supporting drainage of ramps and taxiways and grounds up-keeping and maintenance for appearance and alleviation of hazards.

Field Maintenance also covers removals and containment of hazardous materials spills (Bay Cleaning- occurring at or around bay areas), generated during ground vehicle maintenance, aircraft cleaning, fueling operations, aircraft maintenance and repair work, and engine test cell operations.

MISC has adopted an engineered an environmentally sound Airfield & Apron Management & Cleaning process that will reduce pavement reconditioning costs, down time, repair costs, and at the same time decrease airport liability. This process is distinctive in:
  • Its restoration of pavement friction with no damage to the existing pavement
  • Preventing damage to runway painted markings, joint seals, crack sealant
  • Does not result in loss of pavement texture
  • Non-hazardous to personnel and environment
  • Complies with FAA standards

    Foreign object control and management:
    Foreign object debris (FOD) include a wide range of material found at terminal gates, cargo aprons, taxiways, runways, and run-up pads, as a result of day to day airplane traffic operations. The objects, if not cleaned or removed, may cause damages to airplanes and personnel on site.

    To minimize such effects, Alpha-MISC has implemented a foreign object prevention and control program (as recommended by the FAA) by sweeping and debris collection.

    Stand(bay) cleaning:
    At stand (bay) areas, spills such as fuel, oil grease or chemicals may be generated during ground vehicle maintenance, aircraft cleaning, ground handling, fueling operations and aircraft maintenance. The material spills response division implements the following procedures for the containment and removal of spills and can, in most cases, complete a cleaning operation within 10 minutes.:

    - manual scrubbing by skilled personnel
    - single disc polishing machines for agitating and containment of spills.
    - Scrubbing machines for heavy spills.
    - High-pressured hot water jets for peeling of spills.
    - Specialty designed multi-role machines for removal of spills.
    - In case of a wide spread spill, custom-made multi-role sweepers are used in order to fully contain and remove spills.

    Apron cleaning services
    Rubber removing services Runway de-rubberizing is a necessity to extend pavement life and create safer conditions. If not repaired, runway surfaces may be a hazard for aircraft take-off, landing and taxiing. Skid resistance is also a concern and pavement surface must be maintained to secure a safe aircraft braking.

    MISC has adopted an environmentally sound rubber removal process minimizing down time by using water/detergent techniques. This process ensures a 90% minimum removal of rubber build-up and contaminants while maintaining complete integrity of the runway surface.

    Water spraying with rotary spray bars at controlled pressure is used to prevent any damages to runway lights, fixtures, delineation and pavement surface.

    Water/detergent spraying is made in longitudinal runs.

    The work area is thoroughly cleaned at the end of each work period using built-in vacuum devices.

    Pavement surfaces are restored to a safe operating condition and all debris and waste materials are disposed off at clientís designated areas.

    The efficiency of the cleaning operation is generally determined by static micro-texture measurement (MU Testing).

    All operations on the air strips are under the control of airport authorities. Runways are cleared of all obstructions to aircraft traffic up to a distance of 60 meters from the runway edge within [30] minutes.

  • Civil Works
    Contract Value: 5,765,830 US$

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    - Construction of bituminous course surfaces for airplane parking, Asphalt and concrete hard surfaces for runways, taxiways and aprons. Concrete repair of apron.
    - Rehabilitation of surface and subsurface drainage systems including box culverts.
    - Rehabilitation of sewerage and storm water networks.
    - Piping works , ductwork, cable work, lighting , testing and commissioning.
    - Road pavement works & street lighting systems.
    - Laying utility networks by using the trenchless excavation technique.
    - Soft and hard landscape works related to roads, motorways and streets.

    Contract Value: 4,897,742 US$

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    MISCís State of the art equipment fleet enables it to provide a wide range of maintenance and cleaning services for all types of infrastructure systems. Using of advanced inspection technology CCTV. Repairs by patching or lining.
    Preventive Infrastructure Maintenance conducted on regular basis including techniques for assessing the condition of an existing system. Areas for review include: Leak Survey, Failure Analysis and Manhole Soundness.

    MISC is able to provide the most efficient and economical service with the least possible down time.

    Contract Value: 1,670,594 US$

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    As a new approach toward regionalization, Our first contract awarded in Dubai starting in the field of airport maintenance services.

    Our services extended to other airports in the UAE such Sharjah, Fujairah, Bahrain through the airport services maintenance as well as introducing the services of Project Management

    MISC is still improving its efforts to promote services through municipalities and airports.